2. December 2023

• Banco Central do Brasil, the Brazilian central bank announced that crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin will join its CBDC pilot.
• This announcement resulted in the phrase ‘gráfico bitcoin agora’ becoming popular on Google Trends.
• Meanwhile, BTC price continued to consolidate above $30,000.

Growing Interest in Bitcoin in Brazil

The Brazilian central bank, Banco Central do Brasil, recently announced that the crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin will join its CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) pilot. This news led to the phrase “gráfico bitcoin agora” becoming popular on Google Trends as Brazilians searched for more information on Bitcoin charts and prices.

Crypto Exchange Included in Consortium

The consortium includes Mastercard, broker Genial, registrar Cerc, and financial software fintech Sinqia as partners along with crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin. Fabricio Tota, director of new business at crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin said “Our participation validates the Central Bank’s intention to bring innovation to the financial system with those who had already been working with this technology and not just with the incumbents who appropriated it”. The addition of cryptocurrency exchanges into this consortium is seen as a positive sign for cryptocurrencies being accepted by major institutions over time.

Spike in ‘Gráfico Bitcoin Agora’ Searches

As news spread of cryptocurrency exchanges being included into a mainstream consortium like this one, searches for “gráfico bitcoin agora” (Bitcoin chart now) spiked to a five-year high on Google Trends. This indicates that there is growing interest from Brazilian citizens towards understanding what exactly is going on with cryptocurrencies today and their potential effects on traditional markets over time.

BTC Price Consolidating Above $30k

Meanwhile BTC prices have continued to consolidate above $30K since June 23rd despite recent news about Brazilians searching for more information on Bitcoin charts and prices via “gráfico bitcoin agora” searches. This suggests that traders are waiting for another bullish cue before entering the market which could potentially push BTC prices up even higher if buyers enter the market en masse soon enough.


In conclusion it appears as though Brazilians have increased their search activity related to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin due to an announcement from their central bank involving a partnership between them and an established cryptocurrency exchange like Mercado Bitcoin. These events have also caused BTC prices to remain relatively stable but further developments could cause them to rise significantly if buyers enter the market soon enough according to current trends seen across various digital asset trading platforms today globally