2. December 2023

• The world’s first Bitcoin-themed PEZ dispenser has launched for a limited-edition run exclusively on Walmart Marketplace.
• The company is producing a hard limit of 30,000 units, mirroring the scarcity of bitcoin.
• It’s intended to be a break from the market madness, and may also be worth keeping as a collectible.

World’s First Bitcoin-Themed PEZ Dispenser

The world’s first Bitcoin-themed PEZ dispenser has launched for a limited-edition run, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. ProSnacktive Sales, a newly formed family-owned business, launched the product exclusively on Walmart Marketplace with only 30,000 units being produced.

Mirroring Bitcoin Scarcity

The scarcity of units is meant to both mirror the scarcity of bitcoin and create the first Bitcoin-themed candy collectible. Chris Coradini, owner of ProSnacktive Sales LLC said “We believe the future is bright for Bitcoin, and that is one of the main reasons we pursued this project.” He added that “It’s a fun way to promote Bitcoin and leave a long-lasting impression with all crypto, collectible and candy enthusiasts alike! And yes, bitcoin was used to help fund this project!”

Break From Market Madness

While markets are suffering downturns and news of acquisitions liquidations events and volatile prices crowd investors’ screens; ProSnacktive intends for this product to be well deserved break from market madness. It may also be worth holding onto as a collectible according local Connecticut resident Phil Grimaldi who said “It’s awesome to hear that Bitcoin was adopted as custom PEZ design…I’m definitely going buy more bitcoin before it goes on sale.”

Funded With Crypto

Chris Coradini stated that he used bitcoin to help fund this project believing in its potential future success; something echoed by Phil Grimaldi who exclaimed “PEZ and Bitcoin to the moon!”

Limited Edition Collectible

This unique product offers an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts everywhere whether they’re looking for something fun or just want to add something special to their collection. Its limited edition status makes it even more desirable with only 30 000 units available worldwide so don’t miss out!