3. December 2023

• Bitget, a top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, has entered into an alliance with CoinStats, a renowned crypto portfolio tracker.
• The partnership enables investors to easily monitor and manage their diverse crypto assets from a single interface.
• CoinStats users now have access to comprehensive transaction history with real-time performance tracking for optimized returns.

Bitget Partners with CoinStats

Bitget , a top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform , announces its latest alliance with CoinStats , a renowned crypto portfolio tracker, to revolutionize the way investors manage their burgeoning digital assets.

Crypto Portfolio Trackers

In this era of cryptocurrencies solidifying their position in mainstream financial landscape, investors are seeking solutions to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving crypto realm. Crypto portfolio trackers provide comprehensive insights by consolidating data from various wallets and exchanges, giving users an overall view of their holdings and keeping them updated on the trading asset performance. These trackers streamline efficiency by automating the tracking process and simplifying tax compliance through features that facilitate tax reporting.


To help our users stay ahead, Bitget has partnered with one of the industry’s most powerful crypto portfolio trackers—CoinStats. With support for over 300 wallets and exchanges—a number that continues to grow—CoinStats is revolutionizing how users manage their crypto wealth while providing easy access to real-time performance tracking for optimized returns from one unified interface. It also offers features that facilitate tax reporting due to varying regulations across jurisdictions.

The Benefits Of This Synergy

The synergy between CoinStats and Bitget brings many benefits for users including: effortless transaction tracking; timely insights; improved accuracy; streamlined efficiency; user-friendly conduit; panoramic view of holdings; automation of tracking process; saving time; informed decision-making based on market trends etc.


This strategic partnership between Bitget and CoinStats revolutionizes asset management in the cryptocurrency space by introducing unprecedented convenience coupled with enhanced user experience for users worldwide.