2. December 2023

• CoinAgenda Global Conference, the world’s first cryptocurrency conference in continuous operation, will be held in Los Angeles, October 3-6.
• The theme of the conference is “The End of Crypto Winter: Planning for the Fourth Halving” with industry leaders such as William Quigley and Vinny Lingham speaking.
• CoinAgenda will also produce regional events for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in Dubai from October 17-20.

CoinAgenda Global Conference

CoinAgenda , the first conference in the cryptocurrency industry still incontinuous operation, has announced it will hold its tenth annual CoinAgenda Global Conference in Los Angeles, October 3-6, at Casa del Mar, Santa Monica, with the hackathon taking place at nearby Famecast studios.

Overview of Event

CoinAgenda is the leading high-end conference for connecting crypto investors with top industry leaders and token foundations, companies and exchanges. It will also produce four-day events in Dubai (October 17-20) during Dubai’s Blockchain Month and in San Juan (December 11-14) during the popular Puerto Rico Blockchain Week. This year’s theme will be “The End of Crypto Winter: Planning for the Fourth Halving” (which will take place in April 2024). The bitcoin halving is an event that takes place every four years when the amount of new bitcoin supply is cut in half.

Industry Leaders Speaking

Industry leading speakers at this event will include William Quigley, co-founder of Tether and WAX, as well as managing director of Magnetic Capital; Vinny Lingham, “the Oracle of Bitcoin” who first predicted $1,000 bitcoin; and Enzo Villani, former head of strategy for NASDAQ, currently chief investment officer at Alpha Sigma Capital, which is up 1400 percent in the past three years