2. December 2023

• DigiToads (TOADS) has kicked off its pre-sale, introducing a self-sustaining and deflationary utility model – Toad-kenomics.
• Community engagement and long-term value growth for holders are at the heart of DigiToads’ mission with an interactive virtual world.
• The long-term vision includes staking rewards on multiple decentralized exchanges, launching an in-house swap, and cross-chain capabilities.

Introducing DigiToads (TOADS)

DigiToads (TOADS) has launched its pre-sale, generating buzz within the crypto community. The token is underpinned by a robust strategy dubbed “Toad-kenomics” which is designed to incentivize holding TOADS tokens along with their NFT counterparts and keep the Toad Treasury well fueled. Every transaction adds 2% of its total value back to the staking pool benefiting holders of staked DigiToad NFTs with an equal percentage of the staking pool paid out over time.

Interactive Virtual World

In addition to its unique utility model, Digitoads introduces an immersive virtual world where players can battle, breed, and train their unique DigiToads represented by Toad NFTs each having distinct characteristics strengths and weaknesses providing an exciting element of variety & customization. In game victories will yield TOADS tokens as rewards and players can breed their Digitoads to create stronger offspring.

Long Term Vision

After a successful pre sale and listing on Uniswap, the long term vision for Digitoad is to initiate staking & list TOADS ETH LP for farming rewards on multiple decentralized exchanges as well as launching an in house swap & cross chain capabilities for further expansion in the crypto space.

Benefits For Holders

The decreasing circulating supply should create a scarcity effect on the number of TOADS tokens making them even more valuable for holders while also providing increased benefits through this self sustaining ecosystem that implements a 7% tax on transactions entering & exiting the ‘swamp’ – the DigiToads ecosystem.


All in all, with its creative approach towards community engagement & long term value growth for holders along with it’s unique utility model – “toad kenomics” –DigiToad has emerged from shadows promising something truly special that could potentially revolutionize how we stake cryptos in 2023!