3. December 2023

• VIKER and ZEBEDEE have announced the launch of two new bitcoin-powered games – Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch.
• Players can earn a revenue share from the game, with a few cents earned per session.
• The companies are also preparing to release another well-known franchise in their portfolio.

VIKER and ZEBEDEE Launch New Bitcoin Games

VIKER, a mobile games studio pioneering in the play-to-earn space and ZEBEDEE, a bitcoin-powered payment processing system for the gaming industry have announced the launch of two new bitcoin powered games: Bitcoin Chess (iOS and Android) and Bitcoin Scratch (iOS and Android). Both apps have been released on their respective app stores.

Receive Revenue Share

Players can receive a revenue share from these games, meaning that VIKER splits what they are earning from the game with their players. This creates an engaging experience for them leading to better retention, making the game more profitable despite giving away part of its earnings as rewards. Players usually receive only a few cents per session when playing these titles.

Why Work With ZEBEDEE?

Dan Beasley, co-founder of VIKER commented on why his company chose to work with ZEBEDEE’s platform saying that it is not about players earning money but creating an interesting and fun experience. He added that it feels great to earn these tiny rewards though they may not materially impact most people’s lives but at least they are real money earned just by having fun. Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE further explained that they are not targeting solely Bitcoiners since these titles have a huge global audience mostly unaware of cryptocurrency.

Upcoming Release

The two firms are already silently preparing for another launch which is reported to be even more impactful as they will be adding their first very well known franchise to their portfolio soon.


In conclusion VIKER and ZEBEDEE have launched two new bitcoin powered games – Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch – where players can earn real money for having fun by receiving small amounts of rewards through revenue sharing which makes it sustainable for both parties involved in this business venture while still providing players with an enjoyable experience. The firms are also set to add one more high profile title soon so stay tuned!