For Exhibitors

Why do we organize a Cruise Jobs & Hotel Career Lounge?
Why are so many applicants coming and presenting themselves to you?
What is your benefit from such an event?

The answer for the exhibitors is quite simple:

  • since more than 19 years we connect Top-Employers with selected Top-Employees
  • a personal conversation, a longer “first impression” make a big difference
  • many Top-Companies attract many Top-Applicants – all meet on one day, on one event, organized by us
  • an excellent platform to present your company and do a lot of networking
  • meet and exchange with other collegues.

Choose the best candidate for you – from all areas of expertize and knowledge!!!

Which applicants and interested candidates will take part on this kind of event?

Candidates from all positions in the general hospitality & gastronomy

Candidates from other areas – such as: Spa, Wellness & Sports, Guest Relation, Entertainment & Cruise Staff, Animation and Kindergarden Teacher, Language Teacher, Photographers, IT Specialists, Human Resources, Training & Development, Dresser, Medical Department, Deck & Engine, Florists and Decorators, Hairdresser & Beautician, Craftsman and many more…

The “typical” hotel business and gastronomy employee – from Entry level to Top-Management –

Candidates looking for an apprentice- and/or intership

Students looking for a semester abroad or a place for dual studies

The motivated career changer – able and willing to go the extra mile –

Someone who is new to the industry – who is looking for a challenge, with that high willingness and great personality –

Why should you participate the Cruise Jobs & Hotel Career Lounge powered by Connect as Exhibitor?

  • We are specialized in the cruise industry and also recruite qualified personal for First Class & Family Hotels
  • We look back on 19 years of successful recruiting work and we have excellent, international contacts
  • We are established in professional circles and with international applicants throughout the world – numerous cruise companies and Hotels trusts us and use our service since more than 18 years
  • Our team is compiled out of qualified experts with previous ship, foreign countries and/or tourism experience
  • We have a database with currently over 55.000 applicants, so we can also react very fast with short-time requests outside of our recruiting events

At each of our Recruiting Events we have several hundred applicants from all areas of expertize, using the event for a personal introduction and a direct conversation.

Many contracts are already confirmed during the event or shortly after – take part of this great opportunity and be an exhibitor, that finds his latest Superstar!

Fast, direct and with Connect, as professional Partner for those events!