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DouroAzul is a portuguese luxury river cruise company and was elected Europe’s leading river cruise company 2014 and 2016, in the World Travel Awards. Since its beginning in 1996 DouroAzul has established as its core values, the dedication to high quality and friendly guest service. The “value for money” philosophy, with their guests’ needs and expectations paramount to their service delivery, allows them to become one of the most respected operators worldwide. This successful path was developed on three strong foundational basis: the uniqueness of the Douro River Valley, a careful selection and nurturing of the staff, and the constant innovation inscribed in the ships they built and operate.

While their ships are state of the art, the experience they offer their guests wouldn’t be completed without a top quality serviced delivered by highly trained people. Hospitality and the art of welcoming are one of the hallmarks of Portugal, and one of the main features of a DouroAzul’s cruise. The careful selected, and trained staff will ensure that guests aboard the ships enjoy a pleasant and friendly journey, marked by an attentive and professional service delivered by a highly motivated and genuinely welcoming crew. Douro is more than the landscape of their cruises; its natural beauty, culture, traditions and people are interwoven in the programs of DOURO AZUL so that guests can fluidly journey through its soul and discover its treasures.



In the last decade, DouroAzul has launched several new hotel-ships each one marking a cornerstone in river ship design and construction. DouroAzul has a fleet of luxury hotel-ships and yachts designed to offer top of the line comfort and service. Aiming to attract, retain and manage the best team to achieve the best quality service and recognition, DouroAzul has been working to be a reference as national and international employer. They seek for attentive and professional staff, chosen for their genuine personalities, polite service and supreme expertise.



The cruises have some particularities that make life on board of the ships very special for the crew:

  • a maximum capacity for 130 passengers per ship, cruises of 7 days, passengers from all over the world, especially from United States of America, United Kingdom and Germany
  • each ship has approx. 30 crew members
  • completely furnished and equipped living accommodations to share with colleagues, a specific cafeteria, laundry facilities and services, Wi-Fi and TV
  • a Portuguese work contract with vacation and Christmas allowance, and an attractive compensation package that is above the average salary for the hospitality industry


So if this sounds like you, your career at sea awaits – apply now via, or attend one of the next recruiting events.

Discover a river full of career opportunities with DOURO AZUL


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