Careers at Uniworld

We see the people who work with us at Uniworld as much more than employees. They are the individuals in the offices or on the ships who arrive on the scene inspired, spread the smiles and ultimately bring the world’s only authentic boutique cruise line to life.

While we recognize that everyone who works with us is an individual with their own needs and desires, it is true that they are united by common values. Whether working in the hospitality or nautical spaces on our ships or in the marketing, sales, reservations, operations or IT spaces on land, Uniworld people are the type who are proactive, strive for the very best, and are genuinely cooperative, respectful and trustworthy.

But because we select the right people to join our team, once you are with us, you can expect the best from us. We go out of our way to ensure that you maximize your time with us, by allowing you to progress in your career through one of the longest-running integrated training programs on the rivers. What’s more you will enjoy an enviable work/life balance, reasonable leave inclusions, travel privileges, a competitive salary and all the other benefits that come with Swiss contracts.

Valuing the people who work for us has been a recipe for success at Uniworld. It has resulted in exceptionally high satisfaction levels among staff, which are only matched by the satisfaction levels of our guests! We invite you to join our team by searching the available opportunities below.

Life Onboard in the…

…Galley department!
Take a step at a culinary career on the river…

Whether you are hoping to head up the kitchen as executive chef, or eager to start your culinary career as a kitchen helper, you’ll find the role unique at Uniworld. Not only will you have the enviable opportunity to explore the world as you work from one of our boutique river cruise ships, but you will gain experience in a culinary setting with exceptionally high standards in the luxury industry.

As a member of the galley, you will work with a team who are all committed to delivering a truly authentic culinary experience for our discerning guests. Every member of our team takes pride in every step of our culinary process, from the regional and artisanal products that enter the kitchen to the quality and creative standards in presentation. What’s more, the passion within our team is directly translated to the satisfaction levels of our guests. Our staff in the culinary department often leave a smile on our guest’s faces, usually imprint a memory in their mind and always leave them wanting more.

 …Restaurant department!
Explore the menu of career opportunities in our restaurants and bars…

There are few restaurants and bars in the world that offer staff views of some of the finest European cities, all during the same working week. This is just one of the many benefits to look forward to at Uniworld. Our culinary and beverage service team unite to deliver the service that makes the world’s only authentic boutique cruise company extraordinary. Every member of the team take pride in the impeccable service standards that we have become famous for. Whether it is providing information, delivering a standard request or going out of their way to ensure our demanding guests are satisfied, our staff are always ready and eager to deliver a friendly, efficient and unrivalled luxury service.

While we have high expectations for all members of our service team, once you are with us, you can expect to reap the rewards. You will gain experience with a standard of hospitality that is simply unparalleled, have opportunities to progress in your career and join a genuine and respectful on board team who inspire you to come to work every day.

…Front Office department!
Watch the world pass by from your desk…

A concierge role can always be exciting. But when you are surrounded by opulence, floating past magnificent cities and providing information about some of the most alluring experiences available, it takes the excitement to a whole new level. Our front desk staff at Uniworld are core to our service delivery. They are usually the first touch point for guests seeking information. That means that all of our front desk staff are well informed, but more than that, they are all highly approachable, naturally sincere and are eager to go the extra mile to deliver a personalised service, which is simply unrivalled.

Our service staff’s focus on personalization particularly stands out in the eyes of our guests. Once you are on board, you will learn from the best in the industry and experience a level of service where everything from the guest’s interests to their styles are important to us. The learning experience that Uniworld offers is reason enough to embark upon a front desk career with us. However, there is more than a successful career to be had. As a Uniworld employee, you will work with a friendly and genuine team who live an enviable way of life.

 … Housekeeping department!
Polish up your career strategy…

A housekeeping career with the world’s only authentic boutique cruise company is so much more than a housekeeping career elsewhere. It promises the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most magnificent rivers and cities, learn from the very best in the hospitality industry and add your own personal touch to our guest’s exceptional experience. The capabilities and attitude of our housekeepers are critical to our guest’s satisfaction at Uniworld. As a result, our housekeepers take attention to detail seriously and are naturally trustworthy, proactive, open-minded and outgoing. Selecting our staff carefully allows us to ensure that we are not only able to deliver the cleanliness and aesthetic standards that our brand demands, but also sustain the culture that makes the Uniworld experience uniquely hospitable.

As we are selective about who we hire, you can expect the best from us when you become part of our close-knit team. We host regular events for staff, provide an enviable work/life balance. And encourage you to progress in your career with us. In fact, the only limit to where you can go is your personal ambition!

…Guide and Entertainment department!
Map out an enviable career course…

Working on a Uniworld river cruise ship offers a way of life that is simply irresistible. And when you are passionate about what you do – entertaining or educating – it’s a difficult career to beat! As a member of the Uniworld Guide and Entertainment department, you will have the opportunity to make the world’s only authentic boutique cruise company memorable. As a result, whether you are hosting dance classes, guiding or guests through some of the most magnificent places in the world, we will expect you to be proactive, approachable, sincere and eager to go the extra mile for our guests.

In return for your impeccable service, you will embark upon an extraordinary career. One that offers endless opportunities for professional and personal development. And one that promises a dynamic working environment with a team who are inspiring and simply a pleasure to get to know.

…SPA department!
Make a career choice where wellness comes first…

As a member of our spa staff, you won’t only be prioritising the health of our guests, you will also be prioritising your own wellness. Thanks to the enviable work/life balance that we offer our employees, you will have the opportunity to travel to extraordinary places, enjoy leisure activities on board and live a life that many have only dreamed of. Saying that, as many of our guests enjoy our cruises specifically for leisure and wellness reasons, we have high expectations of our spa team. Whether you are conducting yoga classes, delivering a massage or undertaking a personal training session, our discerning guests expect a high degree of personalisation, an open-minded attitude and a genuinely caring interaction from our team.

Despite the expectations, the experience of working with discerning guests will transform itself into an invaluable asset that will benefit you throughout your career. What’s more, not only will you be a key player in delivering a luxury service that is at the pinnacle of the industry, you will also have the benefit of working with a friendly team who will make your work life an inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

…Office department!
Discover who the head office is head hunting…

The world’s only authentic boutique river cruise line relies on more than cruise staff to deliver an exceptional service and maintain it’s impeccable reputation. Our brand also relies heavily on land-based staff, including employees in the marketing, sales, reservations, operations and IT spaces. However, if you think that the river cruising culture will be far away, you’ll have to think again. Like all of our staff, you will benefit from an inspiring working environment and a close-knit team who simply love what they do. What’s more, you’ll have access to exceptional leadership training programs and an employer, which is committed to advancing your potential.

To embark upon this enviable career opportunity, you will need to have an eye for detail and a desire to deliver excellence. You will also be expected to be self-motivated, eager to learn, genuinely respectful and committed to nurturing a brand that has carved a unique position for itself in the luxury cruise sector. If this sounds like you, now is a great time to set sail on your next career journey.

…Nautical and Technical department!
Map out an enviable career course…

However familiar you are with life on water, Uniworld’s ships will be a pleasant surprise. As the world’s only authentic boutique cruise line, you can expect to find yourself on a vessel that is simply in a league of its own. The opulence, functionality and aesthetic appeal of our ships are not the only reasons why we attract many applicants to our nautical and technical opportunities. Uniworld also offers an enviable work/life balance, an opportunity to progress in your career and a rare staff culture, which is genuinely welcoming, inspiring and enjoyable to be a part of.

Given the standards of our service and the expectations of our guests, we also place the bar high when it comes to hiring nautical and technical staff. Our impeccably maintained ships, high safety standard requirements and discerning guests, call for us to attract applicants who are respectful, sincere and who take pride in going to extra mile for an extraordinary service. So, whether you are planning to apply for a role as a member of the crew, put your best application forward to get the best out of your next career step!

You deserve the best – Uniworld!!!

If that got you interest, a career on board is waiting for you – apply with our partner Connect, and take part in our next Recruiting event – free registration on this page, further information or direct application please follow this page: www.connectjobs.de


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