3. December 2023

• Lovely Inu (LOVELY) coin price surged 35% on Aug 4, but pared its gains to settle around 0.000000155.
• The uptrend was triggered by the launch of Lovely Inu deposits on WazirX, as well as its listing on Bitget exchange in the ‘Innovation Zone’ and ‘Meme Zone’.
• Currently, LOVELY faces bearish prospects unless the bulls double down.

Lovely Inu Price Jumped 35%

Lovely Inu (LOVELY) coin price peaked at $0.000000186 on Aug 4 after a nearly 35% daily price increase, but corrected downward, settling around 0.000000155 in the European hours. Notably, the green candle followed a 70% price dump from July 25 to Aug 3. Technicals like negative MACD oscillator and an ‘oversold’ relative strength index suggest bearish continuation for Lovely Inu Finance prices unless bulls double down their efforts today.

Launch of Lovely Inu Deposits on WazirX Triggered Rally

Lovely Inu deposits are live on WazirX since Aug 3 and the India-based exchange announced that it will list LOVELY on Aug 5 in its markets section . Exchanges Bitget , MEXC , and Huobi hold 45%, 14,8%, and 10.4% trading volumes respectively against Tether (USDT) stablecoin while PancakeSwap holds 7.4%.

Bitget Listing For Lovely Inu

Bitget listed Lovely Inu coin on Aug 1 categorizing it into its ‘Innovation Zone’ and ‘Meme Zone’ with a 60-day valuation period that could lead to delisting if certain criteria are not met by then .

Regional Exposure For Lovely Inu

The listing of LOVERY onto WazirX increases its regional exposure but it is unclear how much liquidity can be produced through this move .


Currently, the outlook for Lovely Inu Finance prices is bearish unless bulls double down their efforts today .