3. December 2023

• Bitcoin is a tool that empowers individuals and decentralizes power.
• Education is the key to unlocking its potential, so it must be community-led, independent and impartial.
• My First Bitcoin is pioneering new ways of implementing this style of education in El Salvador.

Why Bitcoin Education Matters

Bitcoin is more than money – it’s a tool that can give individuals agency over their lives and decentralize power structures. To realize its full potential, it is essential that we provide opportunities for education in order to bring more people into the space and maintain the core ethos of Bitcoin.

The Need For Community-Led Education

In order to provide effective education, it has to be led by the community with local context taken into consideration. This means identifying students who have the potential to become teachers and providing them with training so they can continue teaching long after we leave.

Interactive And Practical Teaching

For those who are skeptical of Bitcoin due to its lack of physicality, interactive teaching methods which use practical tools are an important way of demonstrating how it works in practice.

My First Bitcoin In El Salvador

My First Bitcoin is working on how to implement this style of education in El Salvador and beyond – encouraging people to get involved with decentralization and personal responsibility while maintaining the core ethos of what makes Bitcoin special.

Realizing The Potential Of Bitcoin

By taking action on community-led, independent, impartial education about Bitcoin, we can make sure that its profound potential for changing our relationship with power can be realized.